Natural snare is Mix-Ready Drum samples! This is a great choice if you want to go mixing quickly. The drums are already processed, Just set the volume balance of the drums and add other tracks.

Good for Djent-Metalcore-Deathcore-Rock-Punk



• Natural snare is a midi-based drum sampler

• Plug-in Formats: AudioUnit and VST+ (KONTAKT 5.8)

• Mix ready (processed)

• Recorded: Snare 1   (Ring) Snare 2   (natural) Snare 3   (steel) Overheads   Room mics

• Soft Hit (regular)

• Hard Hit (sharper)

• Up to 6 Velocity Layers / 20 Round Robin

• Tube Saturator


Natural Snare has a heavy tone, these are already processed snare drum sounds, to better understand how it works, we offer you this picture.
The type of sound you hear from the plugin is Mix-Ready, you don’t need much processing, how to work with the plugin is described below


We took care of the realism and recorded separately the left and right hands, so it is most convenient to create realistic parts
when you need to play fast.
The plugin includes 3 separately recorded snares. Many people mistakenly think that these three buttons are equalizer, this is not true. These buttons control the volume of each drum. You can use
any you like or make a layering.
You can always warm up the drum by using the drive button, it brings nice harmonics to the sound and makes the snare bigger.
There is also a tone control button, the drum can be made lower or higher in sound, it all depends on your preferences

A quick guide on how to use the plugin in your projects.

 Typical Project Structure
We didn’t compress the sounds too much, you can do
it yourself. Maybe you want a soft sound for rock songs, or a completely punchy sound for metal and Djent tracks.


It works like this
In the insert after Natural snare put a compressor, you can use any, the task is to make the attack stronger, the approximate values ​​are
Attack 10 Release 10 Threshold adjust to 3-5 dB compression.
Next, your drums go to the group for gluing, here you can use any tire compressor with a compression of about 3 decibels The last compressor is used on the master bus, and it all depends on your taste. It is important to observe the level of -18dB at the input of the bus and master compressor!

Use cases

For replacement in real drums
To replace drums like (Superior, Addictive drums)
If you’re using natural snare only and want to make the sound bigger, just add more rooms.

Premixed templates